A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

So what’s your story, Driver?  Why did you choose trucking(or did trucking choose you)?  How did you get started?  Was it truck driving school or did Dad or Uncle Joe teach you(against your mom’s wishes)?  Maybe you grew up playing in the shop of your grandpa’s trucking company and becoming a driver was just expected of you.  Or maybe you were like me.  I worked at a farm supply company just outside of town after graduating from high school and one day they needed me to drive the truck because the old man who usually drove it was getting to where he wouldn’t drive at night anymore and my boss really needed that load of liquid fertilizer first thing in the morning.  I never kept it a secret that I wanted to drive someday but never expected to be given the chance so soon.  Yeah, my first trip in a truck was not only solo, but pulling a tanker!  Now, I had been driving the dry fertilizer spreader truck for a couple of months and I was mildly competent at shifting a 10 speed transmission,  but I had never driven something that big down the highway before and I had certainly never driven a liquid tanker before.  Thankfully I didn’t have to go through any major cities to get there.  I DIDN’T EVEN POSSESS A CDL!!!  It was definitely one of the scariest, yet most awesome days of my 19 year-old life.  I had wanted to be a truck driver ever since I could say the word truck.  My dad drove trucks when I was very young and I had visions of being a trucker.  The fertilizer terminal that I was loading at was about 75 miles away so the whole round trip only lasted about 3 hours but it seemed like it lasted all day and that’s all it took to hook me.  So my first driving gig was in a 1977 International 4070B cabover with a worn out 350 Cummins, 9 speed, no A/C, no power steering, and no radio. first truck I got my intrastate CDL shortly after that “bootleg” trip and became the regular driver from then on for the next year until I got a “real trucking job” driving for an actual trucking company.

So go back in your mind to that time when trucking became a reality for you and give us all the details.  You know we all love to hear a good story so let us reminisce with you.

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P.S.  I’m trying to get more constistent with regular postings so just continue to be patient with me.  Talk to you soon.