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Welcome to “The CDL Chronicles.”  I am here to share my thoughts and experiences as a second generation truck driver with 25+ years of good and bad trips, victories and failures, and joys and sorrows.  As this blog grows, develops and evolves, we will talk about life experiences, tall-tales, close calls and just about anything else that I feel might interest you or me, as it relates to trucking because that’s what I know.  From the time I was just a boy, all I ever wanted to be was a truck driver.  That’s what my dad did for a living and he was my hero.

I remember going with my Mom to pick Dad up at his terminal in Houston and just being fascinated by the Peterbilt cabovers that lined the parking area.  He drove for Coca Cola foods division in the mid and late 70’s and hauled Maryland Club Coffee across the nation.  Every now and then, he would get a run up to Ft. Worth and since my grandparents lived there, the whole family would make a long weekend of it.  I would ride with dad in the truck (it was against company policy, so don’t tell anyone!) and mom and my younger brothers would follow in the station wagon.  I was instantly addicted to the sweet smell of high-sulfur diesel exhaust and the low rumble of that 350 Cummins Big Cam engine.

I’ve been on this planet for over 45 years now, with a good portion of that time spent behind the wheel of a truck and hopefully, by sharing my knowledge and experience(good and bad), you will be encouraged, entertained and better prepared for your own journey in the trucking industry.  From CB’s to cell phones, Cats to Cummins, log books to long hoods we will cover it all at some point.  So thanks for stopping in and I look forward to hearing from you.  Until then…

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Todd Brown

Born and raised in Texas, I'm a second generation truck driver with over 25 years experience driving local, regional and OTR. I've been both a company driver and for the last 9 years, a leased owner/operator. I'm married to my best friend of 27+ years, Donna and we have two wonderful children and so far, one grandson. I currently live in Shiner, TX.

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